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Driver :: Ryan Newman


Country :: United States of America
Born :: 1977/12/08

Championships won

1999 USAC Silver Crown
2002 NASCAR Cup Series (Rookies)

Standings Classifications

Races participated

DateTrackSeries / EventPosCar
2001/03/04Las Vegas, NV (USA)NASCAR Cup Series33Ford
2001/05/27Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series43Ford
2001/06/10Brooklyn, MI (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Ford
2001/08/05Indianapolis, IN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series31Ford
2001/08/18Brooklyn, MI (USA)NASCAR Nationwide Series1Ford
2001/09/30Kansas City, KS (USA)NASCAR Cup Series2Ford
2001/10/07Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series19Ford
2001/10/28Pheonix Raceway, AZ (USA)NASCAR Cup Series40Ford
2002/02/17Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Daytona 500
2002/02/24Rockingham, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series14Ford
2002/03/03Las Vegas, NV (USA)NASCAR Cup Series4Ford
2002/03/10Hampton, GA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series10Ford
2002/03/17Darlington, SC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Ford
2002/03/24Bristol, TN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series37Ford
2002/04/08Fort Worth, TX (USA)NASCAR Cup Series40Ford
2002/04/14Martinsville, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series41Ford
2002/04/21Talladega, AL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series43Ford
2002/04/28Fontana, CA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series14Ford
2002/05/05Richmond, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series2Ford
2002/05/18Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series1Ford
2002/05/18Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
NASCAR All-Star Challenge
2002/05/26Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series41Ford
2002/06/02Dover, DE (USA)NASCAR Cup Series4Ford
2002/06/09Pocono, PA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series32Ford
2002/06/16Brooklyn, MI (USA)NASCAR Cup Series3Ford
2002/06/23Sonoma, CA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series9Ford
2002/07/06Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series27Ford
2002/07/14Joliet, IL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Ford
2002/07/21Loudon, NH (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Ford
2002/07/28Pocono, PA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Ford
2002/08/04Indianapolis, IN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series4Ford
2002/08/11Watkins Glen, NY (USA)NASCAR Cup Series2Ford
2002/08/18Brooklyn, MI (USA)NASCAR Cup Series31Ford
2002/08/24Bristol, TN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series36Ford
2002/09/01Darlington, SC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series2Ford
2002/09/07Richmond, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series2Ford
2002/09/15Loudon, NH (USA)NASCAR Cup Series1Ford
2002/09/22Dover, DE (USA)NASCAR Cup Series8Ford
2002/09/29Kansas City, KS (USA)NASCAR Cup Series2Ford
2002/10/06Talladega, AL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series7Ford
2002/10/13Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series8Ford
2002/10/20Martinsville, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series15Ford
2002/10/27Hampton, GA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series10Ford
2002/11/03Rockingham, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series23Ford
2002/11/10Pheonix Raceway, AZ (USA)NASCAR Cup Series18Ford
2002/11/17Homestead, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series6Ford
2003/02/08Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Budweiser Shootout
2003/02/13Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Gatorade Duels
2003/02/14Daytona, FL (USA)IROC12
2003/02/16Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Daytona 500
2003/02/23Rockingham, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series14Dodge
2003/03/02Las Vegas, NV (USA)NASCAR Cup Series7Dodge
2003/03/09Hampton, GA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series10Dodge
2003/03/16Darlington, SC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series14Dodge
2003/03/23Bristol, TN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series22Dodge
2003/03/30Fort Worth, TX (USA)NASCAR Cup Series1Dodge
2003/04/05Talladega, AL (USA)IROC7
2003/04/06Talladega, AL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series39Dodge
2003/04/13Martinsville, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series38Dodge
2003/04/27Fontana, CA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series42Dodge
2003/05/03Richmond, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series39Dodge
2003/05/17Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
NASCAR All-Star Challenge
2003/05/25Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Dodge
2003/06/01Dover, DE (USA)NASCAR Cup Series1Dodge
2003/06/08Pocono, PA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Dodge
2003/06/15Brooklyn, MI (USA)NASCAR Cup Series41Dodge
2003/06/22Sonoma, CA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Dodge
2003/07/05Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series22Dodge
2003/07/12Joliet, IL (USA)IROC2
2003/07/13Joliet, IL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series1Dodge
2003/07/20Loudon, NH (USA)NASCAR Cup Series4Dodge
2003/07/27Pocono, PA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series1Dodge
2003/08/02Indianapolis, IN (USA)IROC3
2003/08/03Indianapolis, IN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series11Dodge
2003/08/10Watkins Glen, NY (USA)NASCAR Cup Series9Dodge
2003/08/17Brooklyn, MI (USA)NASCAR Cup Series1Dodge
2003/08/23Bristol, TN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series6Dodge
2003/08/31Darlington, SC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series23Dodge
2003/09/06Richmond, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series1Dodge
2003/09/14Loudon, NH (USA)NASCAR Cup Series9Dodge
2003/09/21Dover, DE (USA)NASCAR Cup Series1Dodge
2003/09/28Talladega, AL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series4Dodge
2003/10/05Kansas City, KS (USA)NASCAR Cup Series1Dodge
2003/10/11Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series2Dodge
2003/10/19Martinsville, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Dodge
2003/10/26Hampton, GA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series29Dodge
2003/11/02Pheonix Raceway, AZ (USA)NASCAR Cup Series3Dodge
2003/11/09Rockingham, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Dodge
2003/11/16Homestead, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series37Dodge
2004/02/07Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Budweiser Shootout
2004/02/12Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Gatorade Duels
2004/02/13Daytona, FL (USA)IROC1
2004/02/15Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Daytona 500
2004/02/22Rockingham, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series6Dodge
2004/03/07Las Vegas, NV (USA)NASCAR Cup Series27Dodge
2004/04/02Fort Worth, TX (USA)IROC4
2004/05/22Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
NASCAR All-Star Challenge
2004/09/09Richmond, VA (USA)IROC2
2004/10/30Hampton, GA (USA)IROC2
2005/02/20Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Daytona 500
2007/02/18Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Daytona 500
2007/02/25Fontana, CA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series12Dodge
2007/03/11Las Vegas, NV (USA)NASCAR Cup Series8Dodge
2007/03/18Hampton, GA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series23Dodge
2007/03/24Bristol, TN (USA)NASCAR Nationwide Series4Dodge
2007/03/25Bristol, TN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series39Dodge
2007/04/01Martinsville, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series14Dodge
2007/04/15Fort Worth, TX (USA)NASCAR Cup Series32Dodge
2007/04/20Pheonix Raceway, AZ (USA)NASCAR Nationwide Series36Dodge
2007/04/21Pheonix Raceway, AZ (USA)NASCAR Cup Series38Dodge
2007/04/29Talladega, AL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series9Dodge
2007/05/05Richmond, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series6Dodge
2007/05/11Darlington, SC (USA)NASCAR Nationwide Series11Dodge
2007/05/12Darlington, SC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series4Dodge
2007/05/27Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series39Dodge
2007/06/04Dover, DE (USA)NASCAR Cup Series2Dodge
2007/06/10Pocono, PA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series2Dodge
2007/06/17Brooklyn, MI (USA)NASCAR Cup Series37Dodge
2007/06/24Sonoma, CA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series20Dodge
2007/07/01Loudon, NH (USA)NASCAR Cup Series10Dodge
2007/07/07Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series14Dodge
2007/07/14Joliet, IL (USA)NASCAR Nationwide Series43Dodge
2007/07/15Joliet, IL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series8Dodge
2007/07/29Indianapolis, IN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series42Dodge
2007/08/05Pocono, PA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series7Dodge
2007/08/11Watkins Glen, NY (USA)NASCAR Nationwide Series9Dodge
2007/08/12Watkins Glen, NY (USA)NASCAR Cup Series13Dodge
2007/08/19Brooklyn, MI (USA)NASCAR Cup Series16Dodge
2007/08/24Bristol, TN (USA)NASCAR Nationwide Series28Dodge
2007/08/25Bristol, TN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series7Dodge
2007/09/01Fontana, CA (USA)NASCAR Nationwide Series31Dodge
2007/09/02Fontana, CA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series39Dodge
2007/09/07Richmond, VA (USA)NASCAR Nationwide Series3Dodge
2007/09/08Richmond, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series11Dodge
2007/09/16Loudon, NH (USA)NASCAR Cup Series9Dodge
2007/09/23Dover, DE (USA)NASCAR Cup Series28Dodge
2007/09/30Kansas City, KS (USA)NASCAR Cup Series43Dodge
2007/10/07Talladega, AL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Dodge
2007/10/13Charlotte, NC (USA)NASCAR Cup Series28Dodge
2007/10/21Martinsville, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series2Dodge
2007/10/28Hampton, GA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series37Dodge
2007/11/04Fort Worth, TX (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Dodge
2007/11/11Pheonix Raceway, AZ (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Dodge
2007/11/18Homestead, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series18Dodge
2008/02/17Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Daytona 500
2009/02/12Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Gatorade Duels
2009/02/15Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Daytona 500
2009/02/22Fontana, CA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series28Chevrolet
2009/03/01Las Vegas, NV (USA)NASCAR Cup Series25Chevrolet
2009/03/08Hampton, GA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series22Chevrolet
2009/03/22Bristol, TN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series7Chevrolet
2009/03/29Martinsville, VA (USA)NASCAR Cup Series6Chevrolet
2009/04/05Fort Worth, TX (USA)NASCAR Cup Series15Chevrolet
2009/04/18Pheonix Raceway, AZ (USA)NASCAR Cup Series16Chevrolet
2009/04/25Talladega, AL (USA)NASCAR Nationwide Series2Chevrolet
2011/02/12Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Budweiser Shootout
2011/02/17Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Gatorade Duels
2011/02/20Daytona, FL (USA)NASCAR Cup Series
Daytona 500
2011/02/27Pheonix Raceway, AZ (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Chevrolet
2011/03/06Las Vegas, NV (USA)NASCAR Cup Series5Chevrolet
2011/03/20Bristol, TN (USA)NASCAR Cup Series10Chevrolet