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Kudzu DLM :: Chassis 008


Buick V6: What is the official designation of the Buick car? Dave Lynn, the car’s designer, has this to say: “I tend to call that car a DLB (the B for Buick as opposed to the M for Mazda) Jim [Downing] calls it a DLM-Buick”. The Buick rear end assembly was ‘donated’ by chassis #004 (DG-2).
Brief history
1997: Downing/Atlanta #68 in IMSA Championship (WSC)
1998: Davin Racing #19 in IMSA Championship (WSC)

Race participations

#DateTrackDriver(s)TeamCar #TyresPos
011998/01/31 -
Daytona, FL (USA)A.J. Smith
Edd Davin
Mark Montgomery
Davin Racing1950
021998/06/28Minneapolis, MN (USA)A.J. Smith
Joaquin Desoto
Denaba Racing9212
031998/08/23Watkins Glen, NY (USA)A.J. Smith
Joaquin Desoto
Denaba Racing9212
041998/09/20Sebring, FL (USA)A.J. Smith
Joaquin Desoto
Denaba Racing927