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Zytek 04S :: Overview


Built/developed by :: Zytek
Formula :: Le Mans Prototype 1

Reynard planned to build a replacement for its disappointing 2KQ sports car. This was supposed to be the 02S having its debut in 2002. But in February of this year Reynard couldnít be saved from bankruptcy. After that International Racing Management (IRM) bought the rights for building the 02S. The only one chassis was to be finished for YGK, a Japanese firm. But they left the project and the chassis was sold to RN Motorsport. They used it in the 2003 season as the DBA 03S. DBA was the result of RN Motorsportís sponsor Den Bla Avis a Danish newspaper. For 2004 Zytek Engineering developed and built their 04S which was based on the DBA 03S.


NumberBuilt inHistorical overview
00220042004: Team Jota
2005: Team Jota
00320042004: Zytek Engineering
2005: Zytek Motorsport