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Isle of Man Senior TT :: Overview


Duration :: 1911 - 2007
Country :: United Kingdom
Vehicles :: Motorcycles
Discipline :: Road Racing

First competed in 1911; Not competed 1915-1919 (World War I), 1940-1946 (World Was II) and 2001 (Foot and Mouth).


#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
011911/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Oliver GodfreyIndianRace
021912/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)F.A. ApplebeeScottRace
031913/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Tim WoodScottRace
041914/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Cyril PullinRudgeRace
051920/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Tommy de la HaySunbeamRace
061921/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Howard DaviesAJSRace
071922/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Alec BennettSunbeamRace
081923/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Tom SheardDouglasRace
091924/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Alec BennettNortonRace
101925/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Howard DaviesHRDRace
111926/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Stanley WoodsNortonRace
121927/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Alec BennettNortonRace
131928/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Charlie DodsonSunbeamRace
141929/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Charlie DodsonSunbeamRace
151930/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Walter HandleyRudgeRace
161931/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Tim HuntNortonRace
171932/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Stanley WoodsNortonRace
181933/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Stanley WoodsNortonRace
191934/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Jimmy GuthrieNortonRace
201935/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Stanley WoodsMoto GuzziRace
211936/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Jimmy GuthrieNortonRace
221937/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Freddie FrithNortonRace
231938/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Harold DaniellNortonRace
241939/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Harold DaniellNortonRace
251947/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Harold DaniellNortonRace
261948/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Artie BellNortonRace
271949/06/17Isle of Man (GBR)Harold DaniellNortonRace
281950/06/10Isle of Man (GBR)Geoff DukeNortonRace
291951/06/08Isle of Man (GBR)Geoff DukeNortonRace
301952/06/13Isle of Man (GBR)Reg ArmstrongNortonRace
311953/06/12Isle of Man (GBR)Ray AmmNortonRace
321954/06/18Isle of Man (GBR)Ray AmmNortonRace
331955/06/10Isle of Man (GBR)Geoff DukeGileraRace
341956/06/08Isle of Man (GBR)John SurteesMV AgustaRace
351957/06/07Isle of Man (GBR)Bob McIntyreGileraRace
361958/06/06Isle of Man (GBR)John SurteesMV AgustaRace
371959/06/06Isle of Man (GBR)John SurteesMV AgustaRace
381960/06/17Isle of Man (GBR)John SurteesMV AgustaRace
391961/06/16Isle of Man (GBR)Mike HailwoodNortonRace
401962/06/08Isle of Man (GBR)Gary HockingMV AgustaRace
411963/06/14Isle of Man (GBR)Mike HailwoodMV AgustaRace
421964/06/12Isle of Man (GBR)Mike HailwoodMV AgustaRace
431965/06/18Isle of Man (GBR)Mike HailwoodMV AgustaRace
441966/09/02Isle of Man (GBR)Mike HailwoodHondaRace
451967/06/16Isle of Man (GBR)Mike HailwoodHondaRace
461968/06/14Isle of Man (GBR)Giacomo AgostiniMV AgustaRace
471969/06/13Isle of Man (GBR)Giacomo AgostiniMV AgustaRace
481970/06/12Isle of Man (GBR)Giacomo AgostiniMV AgustaRace
491971/06/12Isle of Man (GBR)Giacomo AgostiniMV AgustaRace
501972/06/09Isle of Man (GBR)Giacomo AgostiniMV AgustaRace
511973/06/08Isle of Man (GBR)Jack FindlaySuzukiRace
521974/06/06Isle of Man (GBR)Phil CarpenterYamahaRace
531975/06/04Isle of Man (GBR)Mick GrantKawasakiRace
541976/06/10Isle of Man (GBR)Tom HerronYamahaRace
551977/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Phil ReadSuzukiRace
561978/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Tom HerronSuzukiRace
571979/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Mike HailwoodSuzukiRace
581980/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Graeme CrosbySuzukiRace
591981/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Mick GrantSuzukiRace
601982/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Norman BrownSuzukiRace
611983/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Rob McElneaSuzukiRace
621984/06/04Isle of Man (GBR)Rob McElneaSuzukiRace
631985/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHondaRace
641986/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Roger BurnettHondaRace
651987/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHondaRace
661988/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHondaRace
671989/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Steve HislopHondaRace
681990/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Carl FogartyHondaRace
691991/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Steve HislopHondaRace
701992/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Steve HislopNortonRace
711993/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Phillip McCallenHondaRace
721994/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Steve HislopHondaRace
731995/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHonda RC45Race
741996/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Phillip McCallenHonda RC45Race
751997/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Phillip McCallenHonda RC45Race
761998/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Ian SimpsonHondaRace
771999/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)David JefferiesYamaha R1Race
782000/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)David JefferiesYamaha R1Race
792002/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)David JefferiesSuzukiRace
802003/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Adrian ArchibaldSuzukiRace
812004/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Adrian ArchibaldSuzuki GSX-RRace
822005/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)John McGuinnessYamaha R1Race
832006/06/09Isle of Man (GBR)John McGuinnessHonda FireBladeRace
842007/06/08Isle of Man (GBR)Race