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Isle of Man F1 TT :: Overview


Duration :: 1977 - 2004
Country :: United Kingdom
Vehicles :: Motorcycles
Discipline :: Road Racing

Not competed in 2002 due to Foort and Mouth.


#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
011977/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Phil ReadHondaRace
021978/06/03Isle of Man (GBR)Mike HailwoodDucatiRace
031979/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Alex GeorgeHondaRace
041980/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Mick GrantHondaRace
051981/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Graeme CrosbySuzukiRace
061982/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Ron HaslamHondaRace
071983/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHondaRace
081984/06/02Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHondaRace
091985/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHondaRace
101986/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHondaRace
111987/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHondaRace
121988/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHondaRace
131989/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Steve HislopHondaRace
141990/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Carl FogartyHondaRace
151991/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Steve HislopHondaRace
161992/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Phillip McCallenHondaRace
171993/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Nick JefferiesHondaRace
181994/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Steve HislopHondaRace
191995/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Phillip McCallenHonda RC45Race
201996/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Phillip McCallenHonda RC45Race
211997/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Phillip McCallenHonda RC45Race
221998/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Ian SimpsonHondaRace
231999/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)David JefferiesYamaha R1Race
242000/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Joey DunlopHonda VTR SP1Race
252002/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)David JefferiesSuzukiRace
262003/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)Adrian ArchibaldSuzukiRace
272004/??/??Isle of Man (GBR)John McGuinnessYamaha R1Race