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6 Hours Vallelunga :: Overview


Duration :: 1991 - 2005
Country :: Italy
Vehicles :: Gran Turismos, Touring Cars
Discipline :: Road Racing

The real 6 Hours of Vallelunga started in 1991. The races before were part of the World Sportscar Championship. The Gold Cup races were open for sports and GT cars, the Silver Cup races for touring cars. All the others were open for both.


#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
011978/09/03Vallelunga (ITA)Bob Wollek
Henri Pescarolo
Porsche 935 TurboResults
021979/09/16Vallelunga (ITA)Giorgio Francia
Lella Lombardi
Osella PA7-BMWResults
031991/11/17Vallelunga (ITA)[] Gasparri
[] Micangeli
[] Pietromarchi
BMW 635 CSIResults
041992/11/15Vallelunga (ITA)Luigi Taverna
Roberto Ragazzi
[] Weiss
BMW M3Results
051993/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)[] Corradetti
[] Gallo
[] Silvestri
Alfa Romeo 33Silver Cup
061993/11/21Vallelunga (ITA)Alexander Burgstaller
Altfrid Heger
BMW M3 GTRGold Cup
071994/10/31Vallelunga (ITA)Anders Olofsson
Luciano della Noce
Ferrari F40Gold Cup
081995/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)Anders Olofsson
Luciano della Noce
Ferrari F40Results
091996/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)[] Bertei
[] Francioni
[] Roncaglia
BMW 325iSilver Cup
101996/11/17Vallelunga (ITA)Domenico Schiattarella
Luciano della Noce
Ferrari F40Gold Cup
111997/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)John Nielsen
Thomas Bscher
McLaren F1 GTRGold Cup
121997/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)Rinaldo Capello
Walter Santus
VW Golf TDISilver Cup
131998/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)Danny Zardo
Fabio Mancini
Tampolli RTA-98-Alfa RomeoGold Cup
141998/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)Rinaldo Capello
Walter Santus
VW Golf TDISilver Cup
151999/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)Maurizio Casavecchi
Rinaldo Capello
Tarcisio Bernasconi
VW Golf TDISilver Cup
161999/11/21Vallelunga (ITA)Angelo Lancelotti
Danny Zardo
Tampolli RTA-98-Alfa RomeoGold Cup
172000/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)[] Jolly
[] Porello
[] Questa
Honda Integra Type-RSilver Cup 1
182000/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)Dieter Quester
Luca Riccitelli
Philipp Peter
BMW M3 E36Silver Cup 2
192000/11/12Vallelunga (ITA)Angelo Lancelotti
Denny Zardo
Tampolli RTA-98-Alfa RomeoGold Cup
202001/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)Ernesto Saccomanno
M. Saccomanno
Lucchini SR2 A.R.Gold Cup
212001/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)Fanny Duchateau
Matteo Galimberti
Walter Santus
VW Bora Variant R-TDISilver Cup
222002/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)Bruni
Durango GMS01-JuddGold Cup
232002/??/??Vallelunga (ITA)Ettore Bonaldi
Stefano Zonca
[] del Castello
BMW M3 E46Silver Cup
242003/11/09Vallelunga (ITA)Filippo Vita
[] de Luca
Lucchini-Alfa RomeoGold Cup
252003/11/16Vallelunga (ITA)[] Ferroni
[] Macari
[] Tsuyoshi
BMW M3 E46Silver Cup
262004/11/13Vallelunga (ITA)Angelo Lancelotti
Stefano Zonca
Lister Storm LMPGold Cup
272004/11/14Vallelunga (ITA)Dieter Quester
Luca Riccitelli
Stefano Zonca
BMW M3 E46Silver Cup
282005/11/12Vallelunga (ITA)Davide Mastracci
Leonardo Maddalena
Michele Serafini
Maserati MC12Gold Cup
292005/11/13Vallelunga (ITA)Dieter Quester
Luca Riccitelli
Philipp Peter
BMW M3 E46 GTRSilver Cup