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European Formula 2 Championship 1970 :: Schedule and Standings


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#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
*1970/03/30Thruxton (GBR)Jackie StewartBrabham BT30-FordQualy Race 1
*1970/03/30Thruxton (GBR)Jochen RindtLotus 69-FordQualy Race 2
011970/03/30Thruxton (GBR)
BARC 200
Jochen RindtLotus 69-FordRace
*1970/04/12Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Tetsu IkuzawaLotus 69-FordHeat 1
*1970/04/12Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Clay RegazzoniTecno 69-FordHeat 2
021970/04/12Hockenheim, BW (DEU)
Deutschland Trophäe
Clay RegazzoniTecno 69-FordAggregate
031970/04/26Montjuich (ESP)Derek BellBrabham BT30-FordRace
*1970/05/25Crystal Palace (GBR)Jackie StewartBrabham BT30-FordQualy Race 1
*1970/05/25Crystal Palace (GBR)Jochen RindtLotus 69-FordQualy Race 2
041970/05/25Crystal Palace (GBR)Jackie StewartBrabham BT30-FordRace
051970/06/14Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Hubert HahneBMW 269Race
061970/08/23Pergusa (ITA)Clay RegazzoniTecno 70-FordHeat 1
071970/08/23Pergusa (ITA)Jo SiffertBMW 270Heat 2
081970/08/23Pergusa (ITA)
Grand Prix Mediterraneo
Clay RegazzoniTecno 70-FordAggregate
091970/09/13Tulln-Langlebarn (AUT)Clay RegazzoniTecno 70-FordHeat 1
101970/09/13Tulln-Langlebarn (AUT)François CévertTecno 70-FordHeat 2
111970/09/13Tulln-Langlebarn (AUT)
Flugplatzrennen Tulln
Jacky IckxBMW 270Aggregate
121970/09/27Imola (ITA)Emerson FittipaldiLotus 69-FordHeat 1
131970/09/27Imola (ITA)Clay RegazzoniTecno 70-FordHeat 2
141970/09/27Imola (ITA)Clay RegazzoniTecno 70-FordAggregate
151970/10/11Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Dieter QuesterBMW 270Race
* Non Championship