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Interserie 1990 :: Schedule and Standings


Official Name :: Interserie Coupe Super Sports Car Sprint Rennen
Points System
10-7.5-6-5-4-3-2-1.5-1-0.5 per race and division (2 races per weekend); twice the points (one race per weekend)
Eligible Cars :: Group C, IMSA GTP and CanAm


#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
011990/05/05Hungaroring (HUN)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CK6Race 1
021990/05/06Hungaroring (HUN)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CK6Race 2
031990/06/03Wunstorf, NI (DEU)Walter Lechner, SrPorsche 962 CRace
041990/07/14Red Bull Ring (AUT)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CK6Race 1
051990/07/15Red Bull Ring (AUT)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CK6Race 2
061990/07/21Brands Hatch (GBR)Walter Lechner, SrPorsche 962 CRace 1
071990/07/22Brands Hatch (GBR)Walter Lechner, SrPorsche 962 CRace 2
081990/08/11Most (CZE)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CK6Race 1
091990/08/12Most (CZE)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CK6Race 2
101990/09/15Siegerland, NW (DEU)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CK6Race 1
111990/09/16Siegerland, NW (DEU)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CK6Race 2
121990/10/13Red Bull Ring (AUT)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CK6Race 1
131990/10/14Red Bull Ring (AUT)Anthony ReidPorsche 962 CRace 2


1Styleauto Racing Team101
2Porsche Kremer Racing97.5
3Ralf Nagel Promotion92
4Walter Lechner Racing91.5
5Bross Druckchemie Racing58
6Repsol Brun Motorsport26
7Crew Knüttel Avon Racing25
8Chamberlain Engineering24
9König Specials Tuning22
10Momo Gebhardt Racing19
11Konrad Motorsport18.5
12Obermaier Racing17.5
13FRC Schweiz17
14David Piper7.5
15Jochen Dauer Racing6.5
16R. Lenik4
17[] Hinton2
18McNeil Engineering1