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Interserie 1991 :: Schedule and Standings


Official Name :: Interserie Coupe Super Sports Car Sprint Rennen
Points System
10-7.5-6-5-4-3-2-1.5-1-0.5 per race and division (2 races per weekend); twice the points (one race per weekend)
Eligible Cars :: Group C, IMSA GTP and CanAm


#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
011991/04/14Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CRace
021991/05/11Nürburgring, RP (DEU)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CRace 1
031991/05/12Nürburgring, RP (DEU)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CRace 2
041991/05/25Red Bull Ring (AUT)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CRace 1
051991/05/26Red Bull Ring (AUT)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CRace 2
061991/07/27Brands Hatch (GBR)Louis KragesPorsche 962 CRace 1
071991/07/28Brands Hatch (GBR)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CRace 2
081991/08/10Most (CZE)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CRace 1
091991/08/11Most (CZE)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CRace 2
101991/09/14Siegerland, NW (DEU)Louis KragesPorsche 962 CRace 1
111991/09/15Siegerland, NW (DEU)Louis KragesPorsche 962 CRace 2
121991/10/12Red Bull Ring (AUT)Bernd SchneiderPorsche 962 CRace 1
131991/10/13Red Bull Ring (AUT)Jürgen OppermannPorsche 962 CRace 2


1Joest Porsche Racing135
2Ralf Nagel Promotion95
3Momo Gebhardt Racing84.5
4Styleauto Racing Team64
5Obermaier Racing51
6Horag Hotz Racing45
7Bross JR-5 Jeans-Team44
8Walter Lechner Racing42
9Squadra Caposcario35
10Wittwer Racing30
11Kremer Porsche Racing27.5
12Courage Competition25
13Berkeley Team20
14Ecurie Basilisk18
=Euro Racing18
15Bike Shop16
16Konrad Motorsport13
17Alukraft Racing11.5
18McNeil Engineering5
19Lenz Elektronik1