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German Touring Car Championship 1988 :: Schedule and Standings


Official Name :: Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft


#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
011988/04/03Zolder (BEL)Klaus LudwigFord Sierra CosworthRace 1
021988/04/03Zolder (BEL)Klaus LudwigFord Sierra CosworthRace 2
031988/04/24Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Christian DannerBMW M3Race 1
041988/04/24Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Christian DannerBMW M3Race 2
051988/05/01Nürburgring, RP (DEU)Kurt ThiimBMW M3Race 1
061988/05/01Nürburgring, RP (DEU)Dany SnobeckMercedes 190E 2.3-16Race 2
071988/05/22Brno (CSK)Armin HahneFord Sierra CosworthRace 1
081988/05/22Brno (CSK)Dany SnobeckMercedes 190E 2.3-16Race 2
091988/05/29Avus, BE (DEU)Johnny CecottoMercedes 190E 2.3-16Race 1
101988/05/29Avus, BE (DEU)Johnny CecottoMercedes 190E 2.3-16Race 2
111988/06/05Mainz-Finthen, RP (DEU)Altfrid HegerBMW M3Race 1
121988/06/05Mainz-Finthen, RP (DEU)Altfrid HegerBMW M3Race 2
131988/06/18Nürburgring, RP (DEU)Armin HahneFord Sierra CosworthRace 1
141988/06/18Nürburgring, RP (DEU)Armin HahneFord Sierra CosworthRace 2
151988/06/25Norisring, BY (DEU)Armin HahneFord Sierra CosworthRace 1
161988/06/26Norisring, BY (DEU)Klaus LudwigFord Sierra CosworthRace 2
171988/07/17Wunstorf, NI (DEU)Klaus LudwigFord Sierra CosworthRace 1
181988/07/17Wunstorf, NI (DEU)Klaus LudwigFord Sierra CosworthRace 2
191988/08/28Salzburgring (AUT)cancelled due to a high amount of accidents
201988/08/28Salzburgring (AUT)cancelled due to a high amount of accidents
211988/09/18Hungaroring (HUN)Johnny CecottoMercedes 190E 2.3-16Race 1
221988/09/18Hungaroring (HUN)Johnny CecottoMercedes 190E 2.3-16Race 2
231988/10/15Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Armin HahneFord Sierra CosworthRace 1
241988/10/15Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Armin HahneFord Sierra CosworthRace 2


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