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German Formula Super V Championship 1975 :: Schedule and Standings


Official Name :: ONS Formel V 1600 Meisterschaft

One of the races 2, 3 and 4 didn't take place!


#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
011975/03/31Nürburgring, RP (DEU)Helmut BrossLolaRace
021975/04/13Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Race
031975/04/27Nürburgring, RP (DEU)Race
041975/05/04Sembach, RP (DEU)Race
051975/05/31Nürburgring, RP (DEU)Keke RosbergKaimannRace
061975/06/15Mainz-Finthen, RP (DEU)Race
071975/06/29Norisring, BY (DEU)Keke RosbergKaimannRace
081975/07/20Diepholz, NI (DEU)Mikko KozarowitzkyATS-LolaRace
091975/08/03Nürburgring, RP (DEU)Race
101975/08/24Mainz-Finthen, RP (DEU)Race
111975/09/28Hockenheim, BW (DEU)Race


No standings data found.