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German Hillclimb Championship 1980 :: Schedule and Standings


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#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
011980/04/20Hillclimb Taunus (DEU)
Taunus Bergprüfung
Race (North)
021980/04/27Hillclimb Krähberg (DEU)
Krähberg Bergrennen
Race (South)
031980/04/27Hillclimb Düren (DEU)
Dürener Bergrennen
Race (North)
041980/05/04Hillclimb Rhein-Mosel (DEU)
Race (North)
051980/05/11Hillclimb Wasgau (DEU)
Wasgau Bergpreis
Race (South)
061980/05/18Hillclimb Sulzthal (DEU)
Hillclimb Sulzthal
Race (South)
071980/05/18Hillclimb Wittlich (DEU)
Wittlicher Bergpreis
Race (North)
081980/06/08Hillclimb Edelstein (DEU)
Edelstein Bergrennen
Race (South)
091980/07/13Hillclimb Jura (DEU)
Jura Bergrennen
Race (South)
101980/07/20Freiburg-Schauinsland (DEU)
Hillclimb Schauinsland
Race (South)
111980/08/03Hillclimb Osnabrück (DEU)
Hillclimb Osnabrück
Race (North)
121980/08/17Hillclimb Schaumburg (DEU)
Hillclimb Schaumburg
Race (North)
131980/08/24Hillclimb Weser (DEU)
Weser Bergpreis
Race (North)
141980/08/31Hillclimb Hauenstein (DEU)
Hillclimb Hauenstein
Race (Final 1)
151980/09/14Hillclimb Unterfranken (DEU)
Hillclimb Unterfranken
Race (Final 2)
161980/09/28Hillclimb Klingenring (DEU)
Klingenring Bergpreis
Race (Final 3)
171980/10/05Hillclimb Sauerland (DEU)
Sauerland Bergpreis
Race (Final 4)