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North American Touring Car Championship 1997 :: Schedule and Standings


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#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
011997/04/13Long Beach, CA (USA)Neil CromptonHonda AccordResults
021997/04/13Long Beach, CA (USA)Neil CromptonHonda AccordResults
031997/05/18Savannah, GA (USA)Peter CunninghamHonda AccordResults
041997/05/18Savannah, GA (USA)Peter CunninghamHonda AccordResults
051997/06/08Detroit, MI (USA)David DonohueDodge StratusResults
061997/06/08Detroit, MI (USA)Dominic DobsonDodge StratusResults
071997/06/22Portland, OR (USA)David DonohueDodge StratusResults
081997/06/22Portland, OR (USA)Peter CunninghamHonda AccordResults
091997/07/13Cleveland, OH (USA)David DonohueDodge StratusResults
101997/07/13Cleveland, OH (USA)Peter CunninghamHonda AccordResults
111997/07/20Toronto (CAN)Dominic DobsonDodge StratusResults
121997/07/20Toronto (CAN)Neil CromptonHonda AccordResults
131997/08/09Lexington, OH (USA)David DonohueDodge StratusResults
141997/08/09Lexington, OH (USA)David DonohueDodge StratusResults
151997/08/31Vancouver (CAN)Neil CromptonHonda AccordResults
161997/08/31Vancouver (CAN)Neil CromptonHonda AccordResults
171997/09/07Laguna Seca, CA (USA)Neil CromptonHonda AccordResults
181997/09/07Laguna Seca, CA (USA)Neil CromptonHonda AccordResults


1David Donohue304
2Peter Cunningham282
3Neil Crompton280
4Dominic Dobson230
5Randy Pobst188
6Bob Schader185