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ASCAR 2002 :: Schedule and Standings


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#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
012002/05/05Corby (GBR)Colin WhiteChevrolet Monte CarloRace 1
022002/05/05Corby (GBR)Nicolas MinassianChevrolet Monte CarloRace 2
032002/05/25EuroSpeedway, BR (DEU)Colin WhiteChevrolet Monte CarloRace 1
042002/05/26EuroSpeedway, BR (DEU)Cancelled due to rain
052002/05/26EuroSpeedway, BR (DEU)Cancelled due to rain
062002/06/08Corby (GBR)Darren TurnerPontiac Grand PrixRace 1
072002/06/09Corby (GBR)Cancelled due to rain
082002/06/09Corby (GBR)Cancelled due to rain
092002/07/20EuroSpeedway, BR (DEU)Darren TurnerPontiac Grand PrixRace 1
102002/07/21EuroSpeedway, BR (DEU)Darren TurnerPontiac Grand PrixRace 2
112002/07/21EuroSpeedway, BR (DEU)Darren ManningFord TaurusRace 3
122002/08/04Corby (GBR)Darren TurnerPontiac Grand PrixRace 1
132002/08/04Corby (GBR)Darren TurnerPontiac Grand PrixRace 2
142002/08/24Corby (GBR)Kelvin BurtChevrolet Monte CarloRace 1
152002/08/25Corby (GBR)Kelvin BurtChevrolet Monte CarloRace 2
162002/08/25Corby (GBR)Kelvin BurtChevrolet Monte CarloRace 3
172002/09/13Corby (GBR)Kevin McGarrityChevrolet Monte CarloRace 1
182002/09/14Corby (GBR)Kevin McGarrityChevrolet Monte CarloRace 2
192002/10/06Corby (GBR)Roland RehfeldFord TaurusRace 1
202002/10/06Corby (GBR)Darren TurnerPontiac Grand PrixRace 2