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European 80ccm Championship 1984 :: Schedule and Standings


Points System :: 15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1; some drivers were not eligible for points

Some riders were not eligible for points, like world champion Ricardo Tormo. So I'm not able to compute the full final standings.


Race 1

Date: 1984/03/18
Track: Vallelunga (ITA)

Race 2

Date: 1984/04/06
Track: Jarama (ESP)

Race 3

Date: 1984/05/13
Track: Hockenheim, BW (DEU)

Race 4

Date: 1984/06/24
Track: Donington (GBR)

Race 5

Date: 1984/08/26
Track: Brno (CSK)

Race 6

Date: 1984/09/30
Track: Assen (NLD)
1Gerd KafkaSachs
2Theo TimmerCasal
3George LooyesteynCasal
4Hans KoopmanKreidler
5Bernd RossbachCasal
6Hans SpaanCasal
7Serge JulinCasal
8Jean-Marc VelayCasal
9Jos van DongenCasal
10Paul BordesCasal
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