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Champ Car World Series 1979 :: Schedule and Standings


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#DateTrack / EventWinner(s)CarResults
011979/03/11Pheonix Raceway, AZ (USA)Gordon JohncockPenske PC6-CosworthRace
021979/04/22Hampton, GA (USA)Johnny RutherfordMcLaren M24B-CosworthRace 1
031979/04/22Hampton, GA (USA)Johnny RutherfordMcLaren M24B-CosworthRace 2
041979/05/28Indianapolis, IN (USA)
Indianapolis 500
Rick MearsPenske PC6-CosworthRace
051979/06/10Trenton, NJ (USA)Bobby UnserPenske PC7-CosworthRace 1
061979/06/10Trenton, NJ (USA)Bobby UnserPenske PC7-CosworthRace 2
071979/07/15Brooklyn, MI (USA)Gordon JohncockPenske PC6-CosworthRace 1
081979/07/15Brooklyn, MI (USA)Bobby UnserPenske PC7-CosworthRace 2
091979/08/05Watkins Glen, NY (USA)Bobby UnserPenske PC7-CosworthRace
101979/08/19Trenton, NJ (USA)Rick MearsPenske PC7-CosworthRace
111979/09/02Ontario, CA (USA)Bobby UnserPenske PC7-CosworthRace
121979/09/15Brooklyn, MI (USA)Bobby UnserPenske PC7-CosworthRace
131979/09/30Hampton, GA (USA)Rick MearsPenske PC7-CosworthRace
141979/10/20Pheonix Raceway, AZ (USA)Al Unser, SrChaparral 2K-CosworthRace