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Those people have provided information for this website. Thank you all! (Sorry if I forgot one of you.)

* Achim Kuschefski
* Erik Raudsepp (www.audruring.ee)
* Florent Moulin (www.florentmoulin.com)
* Mark Tufanov
* Michael Jaeschky
* Morten Alstrup (www.alstrup.nu)
* Patrick Hillers
* René Bozec
* Stanislas de Sadeleer

...and all the press officers that helped me

Special thanks

I'd like to especially thank some people for providing a huge amount sources and help for me via their websites.
* www.progcovers.com (Malcolm Mitchell)
* www.motorsportmemorial.com
* www.racingsportscars.com
* www.wspr-racing.com / wsrp.ic.cz (Martin Krejci)